Verify a Qualification

The University of Melbourne offers this Verification of Qualification service to employers and other external organisations who wish to confirm that a candidate has completed a qualification at the University of Melbourne.

For graduates who have recently had their degree conferred or diploma granted, these qualifications will be available via this service approximately 5 working days after their graduation.

Enter your search criteria below. The family name and conferral year (year of graduation) must be entered. Given name is optional but recommended to limit your search results.

When entering the family name and given name (optional), ensure the names match exactly those on the conferred award, and include any spaces, apostrophes and diacritics (accents, umlauts, tildes, etc). For example, McDonald will not match Mc Donald and O'Farrell will not match for Ofarrell. If your search is not successful, please try omitting diacritics.

Conferral year is the year of the graduation ceremony. This may be different to the year that the course requirements were met.

Academic Statements can be supplied only with the graduate's approval and upon receipt of a processing and materials fee